Advancement flaps are a type of subdermal plexus flap. Survival of subdermal plexus flaps depends on the deep or subdermal plexus entering the base of the flap, which in turn are supplied by the terminal branches of the direct cutaneous vessels. Subdermal plexus flaps are raised from areas adjacent to the wound and, in the case of advancement flaps, are advanced into the wound defect. Advancement flaps can either be single or bilateral (H-plasty) depending on the size of the defect and availability of adjacent skin.


Case 1 - Lip Advancement Flap Following Resection of a Mast Cell Tumor


Case 2 - Intraoral Advancement Flap


Case 3 - Bilateral Advancement Flap (H-Plasty)


Case 4 - Bilateral Advancement Flap (H-Plasty)


Last updated on 6th March 2017